EPM Gives Back | Gift of Warmth

EPM Gives Back | Gift of Warmth It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many but can also feel like the most stressful time as well! Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and put your stresses into perspective. Spoiling friends and family with gifts can be fun! However, giving something simple […]

Holiday Travel Plans? Follow these bed bug prevention tips.

Holiday Travel Plans? Don’t bring home bed bugs! Bed bugs have become an epidemic here in Ohio. Unfortunately, Columbus is one of the worst cities for bed bug infestations. They can live anywhere that they have a food source – doctor’s offices, schools, movie theatres, houses, etc. and they like to travel! They can be […]

Rodent Prevention Tips

Different seasons mean different pests to deal with. With the warmer months behind us, so are the bees, wasps, and other summer nuisance pests. Right in the middle of fall is when the cooler temperatures hit. The leaves change one week and then it starts snowing before you know it! Humans aren’t the only ones […]