So Much More than Killing Bugs

By Eva Nicolosi I’ve always been curious about how EPM pest control technicians do their job. I at least understood it’s much more involved than just spraying some chemicals around. My family has used their services for years and my friend Kayla Carpenter is the daughter of EPM’s owners, Jason and Karen Carpenter. When I […]

Team Member Spotlight: Shaun Fent

Let Me Tell You About Shaun By Michael McKibben, General Manager You could call him “Mr. Specialist” or “Mr. Everything.” EPM’s Certified Trainer, Shaun Fent, can address it whether it slithers, crawls, flies or runs. He specializes in a lot of services that the average person in the industry just would not be inclined to […]

Out in the Field with EPM

As the daughter of EPM’s owners, Jason and Karen Carpenter, I’ve grown up in the pest management business. I spend summers interning in my parents’ office, performing all kinds of tasks like updating the CRM, processing credit card and ACH payments, and uploading client invoices. Over the years, I’ve watched my mom go to great […]

Team Member Spotlight: Tiffany Aleksiejczyk

Let Me Tell You About Tiffany By Karen Carpenter, COO We can confirm…thanks to our Property Management Manager, Tiffany Aleksiejczyk. What I mean by that is that Tiffany elevated our appointment confirmation procedures right out of the gate when she joined us a little over two years ago. She enhanced our system to make it […]

The EPM Way: Calm, Care and Comfort

When our phone rings, we understand what’s happening on the other end of that line. Somoene is in distress. No matter the pest – from roaches to termites to snakes – if you’ve got ‘em, you’re stressed out about it. Sure, it’s our job to take care of your pests. But it’s also our job […]

Team Member Spotlight: Darrin Dugger

Let Me Tell You About Darrin By Michael McKibben, General Manager Since Darrin joined EPM nearly four years ago, he’s figured out a lot of different ways to get a wide variety of stains on our white company shirts – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a Residential Specialist, Darrin is always […]

Business Growth: It Takes a Village

Karen Carpenter, COO Several years ago, I asked my business owners peer group, “How do you know when it’s time to hire a bookkeeper?” To a person, they all said, “Oh, you will know.” And they were right. It was like when I asked my pediatrician when I would know when Kayla no longer needed […]

Team Member Spotlight: Shanna Davis

Let Me Tell You About Shanna By Karen Carpenter, COO When Shanna joined us a little more than two years ago, she was hired in as a Property Management Coordinator. In this role it was her job to make sure our numerous multi-unit properties received the right services at the right time. In retrospect, we […]

Grow Our People, Grow Our Business

By Karen Carpenter, COO  Environmental Pest Management has been fortunate to experience tremendous growth over the last twenty years, and especially so this past year. Much of that growth has been a result of building a strong company culture known for delivering exceptional customer experiences and for being a very desirable place to work. To […]

Team Member Spotlight: Mike England

Let Me Tell You About Mike By Karen Carpenter, COO You just can’t work for Environmental Pest Management if you don’t genuinely care. Caring is one of the things we do best, and our certified pest management technician trainer, Mike England, is a shining example of what it means to care. He cares about how […]