Marriage and Business: Finding Balance

As I’ve shared in previous articles, EPM is a family-run business. Led by myself, my wife Karen, and our son Brandon, our company is known across central Ohio for its exceptional customer service and for its compassionate and empathetic culture. This reputation is a result of the fact that my wife, Karen, and I have […]

Team Member Spotlight: Michael McKibben

Let Me Tell You About Michael McKibben By Karen Carpenter, COO I know you’re not supposed to have favorites. Not when it comes to your kids, and certainly not when it comes to your employees. But I do have a favorite story about how one of our employees ended up coming to work for us […]

The EPM Way: Healthier Senior Living

We’re not exterminators. We’re problem-solvers. Our team works tirelessly to make sure our customers live healthy, happy, pest-free lives. So, we love hearing from our property management clients that we are accomplishing our mission. Here’s what Jason Decapio, Regional Vice President of Related Management Company, had to say about our work at Biltmore Towers in […]

Team Member Spotlight: Julie Ruzicka

Let Me Tell You About Julie By Karen Carpenter, COO Eighteen years ago, as a first-time mom I asked my pediatrician at what age I should stop putting Kayla down for naps. His answer was, “Oh, you’ll know.” Then a few months later, when Kayla began staying wide awake past midnight, I realized that that […]

Superheroes Don’t Work Alone

As I’ve grown Environmental Pest Management from its early days in 2003, I’ve learned a lot about leadership. One of those learnings is that I am able to wear a lot of hats in my business. Another is that I shouldn’t. One of my most valuable lessons in leadership is that every successful business will […]

Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Reisinger

Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Reisinger By Karen Carpenter, COO Sometimes you meet people who you instantaneously click with. Jamie is one of those people. We met for our interview at a Bob Evans, and I remember it so well because Jamie was just full of kindness and integrity. I knew he was the kind of […]

Building a Culture of Empathy

I was recently asked to present on the topic of building a great company culture to a group of business owners, many of whom own highly successful companies. Initially humbled by the request, I thought, “Why me? What can I share about company culture that these individuals don’t already know?” After further reflection, I came […]

Team Member Spotlight: Brandon Carpenter

Let Me Tell You About Brandon By Karen Carpenter, COO Brandon came to work as a technician for EPM in 2012, right out of high school. Looking back over the last nine years, I’m so proud of how much he has grown – as a person and as a leader – and love that we […]

The Key to a Thriving Family Business

Environmental Pest Management is well known throughout central Ohio as a family-owned and family-operated business. In fact, I’m often asked for advice about building a thriving family business. My philosophy is, and always has been, that running a successful family-owned business is simply about running a successful business. Period. So, what makes my (family) business […]

Team Member Spotlight: Kyle Phillips

Let Me Tell You About Kyle By Karen Carpenter, COO We recently celebrated Kyle’s eleventh anniversary at EPM, and I’m thrilled to share this story of our journey together. Kyle was the first hire that I was involved with, and as I look back on the last 11 years, I am so grateful for the […]