Team Member Spotlight: Shanna Davis

Let Me Tell You About Shanna By Karen Carpenter, COO When Shanna joined us a little more than two years ago, she was hired in as a Property Management Coordinator. In this role it was her job to make sure our numerous multi-unit properties received the right services at the right time. In retrospect, we […]

Grow Our People, Grow Our Business

By Karen Carpenter, COO  Environmental Pest Management has been fortunate to experience tremendous growth over the last twenty years, and especially so this past year. Much of that growth has been a result of building a strong company culture known for delivering exceptional customer experiences and for being a very desirable place to work. To […]

Team Member Spotlight: Mike England

Let Me Tell You About Mike By Karen Carpenter, COO You just can’t work for Environmental Pest Management if you don’t genuinely care. Caring is one of the things we do best, and our certified pest management technician trainer, Mike England, is a shining example of what it means to care. He cares about how […]

Why We Are a “Best” Place to Work

By Karen Carpenter, COO Every business owner I know – even many I don’t – are finding the current hiring climate challenging, to put it mildly. Visit a store, walk down the block, or peruse a company’s social media channel, and you’ll find a plethora of “help wanted” signs and ads, while news headlines broadcast […]

The EPM Way: Every Customer is a VIP

When one of our Pest Management Professionals walks into an apartment unit for the first time, they never know what – or whom – they’re going to encounter. But we’ve set high standards for delivering exceptional experiences, and we’ve trained our technicians to treat every customer like a VIP. So, when we got this note […]

Team Member Spotlight: Sarah Baughman

Let Me Tell You About Sarah By Karen Carpenter, COO It’s hard to put into words how much Sarah means to EPM, as well as to Jason and me personally. She is not only a trusted confidant and advisor, but she also treats EPM as if it’s her own. She makes every decision with incredible empathy […]

Who Cares? We Do!

By Karen Carpenter, COO Caring for others is just my way. It’s not merely how I feel about someone or something; it’s how I behave toward them. So, it’s only natural that I’ve built caring for others into the very fabric of our company. I’ve worked in pest control for more than a decade now […]

Team Member Spotlight: Brandon Miller

Let Me Tell You About Brandon Miller By Karen Carpenter, COO You know that expression “big shoes to fill?” That’s what comes to mind when I think about our technicians who work with our long-time residential customers. Trust and communication are critical, so when Brandon was assigned to work exclusively with our residential customers, he […]

Marriage and Business: Finding Balance

As I’ve shared in previous articles, EPM is a family-run business. Led by myself, my wife Karen, and our son Brandon, our company is known across central Ohio for its exceptional customer service and for its compassionate and empathetic culture. This reputation is a result of the fact that my wife, Karen, and I have […]

Team Member Spotlight: Michael McKibben

Let Me Tell You About Michael McKibben By Karen Carpenter, COO I know you’re not supposed to have favorites. Not when it comes to your kids, and certainly not when it comes to your employees. But I do have a favorite story about how one of our employees ended up coming to work for us […]