• Beetles feed on a variety of materials, including structural wood, stored food, and natural fibers, such as wool and silk

Anobiid Beetles

  • Anobiid powderpost beetles infest the floor joists in new and old houses
  • Larvae can infest wood with 10% moisture

Lyctid Beetles

  • Lyctid powderpost beetles infest only hardwoods (oak, maple)
  • Infestations can occur in hardwood flooring

Pine Sawyer Beetles

  • Pine sawyer beetles infest live or recently cut trees
  • They do not re-infest original wood because the moisture content becomes too low

Old House Borer

  • Adults emerge in spring from oval exit holes
  • Larvae feed in structural wood with 10-20 % moisture content

Bamboo Borer

  • Adults are 1/8 inch and with distinct shape of the head
  • Larvae develop in bamboo in 1 to 3 months

Box Elder Bug

  • Adults and nymphs are marked red and black
  • They suck the sap of seeds, leaves, and twigs of trees

Ambrosia Beetles

  • Ambrosia beetle galleries are found in softwood lumber
  • Gallery is stained dark, there is no frass in gallery

Flathead Borer

  • Infest recently-felled softwood and hardwood timber
  • Larval feeding tunnels are flat-oval shaped and filled with frass

Cigarette Beetle

  • Cigarette beetle larvae infest household foods, including most grain and cereal products

Saw-toothed Grain Beetle

  • Saw-toothed grain beetles infest noodles, cake, flour, meal, and other grain products

Spider Beetles

  • These small beetles are not common in households, but they can infest spices, chocolate, and dry pet food

Rice Weevil

  • Infestations can occur in a range of cereal products, including macaroni, cake flour, and rice

Flour Beetles

  • Both of these flour beetles infest and feed on grain, flour, cereal products, chocolate, and even leather

Confused Flour beetle

Red Flour beetle

Yellow Mealworm

  • Larvae can be found infesting dry pet food in household locations

Carpet Beetles

  • Adults fly in from outdoor flowers and lay eggs indoors
  • Larvae infest household material, including fabric and stored food

Furniture Carpet Beetle

  • Larvae feed on wool, silk, fur, feathers, and animal material
  • Adults occur in spring, and fly indoors and outdoors

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