Roaches: SOP

  1. Pull up to apartment complex, park by rental office. Do NOT park in “future resident parking”
  2. Open Pest Pac, press time in
  3. Walk into leasing office, greet the leasing agent, “Hi, my name is_____ with Environmental Pest Management I’m here today to do your pest control service. Do you have a list for me? Pick up the pest control list with all keys needed. Go over any special notes the manager may have regarding service. Ask for property map if you are not familiar with property
  4. Go to unit, Knock on the door 3 times. If tenant answers the door we introduce ourselves (I’m “your name” with Environmental Pest Management) Once tenant allows us into unit we then ask probing questions about pest related issue; Where have you seen activity? About how long have you noticed pest issue? ETC. We do NOT discuss other units, unrelated or ongoing issues with the tenant. After gathering some information about pest issue, then move on to visual inspection
  5. After knocking 3 times if no one comes to answer the door, we then use key to open the door and announce yourself ( I’m “your name” with Environmental Pest Management) Check to see if animals are present in unit, if so make sure they are properly secure in a cage in a room that is not being treated or outside unit. We DO NOT spray aerosol fogging agents in any rooms where pets are present, even if in cage
  6. No preparation work is needed for bait only service. Although technician is to document any type of clutter, sanitation issues, or any other issues that restrict treatments. Technician is to also look for signs of tenant self treating unit such as but not limited to chemical spray cans like Raid. Or powder substances around baseboards & cabinets. If noticed technician is to document by taking pictures, recommending tenant stop using, clean up & remove. Then report to leasing agent in service notes, as well as documenting in work order system.
  7. When using bait, always bait areas of cockroach evidence/fecal matter. This can be found in but not limited to cabinets, walls, doorframes, window frames, picture frames, tables, appliances, furniture, creases in ceilings, closets etc. Making sure to place bait strategically in foraging areas, where cockroaches will find, eat and take back to nest. Bait not needed in areas where no cockroach evidence or activity is present
  8. Other techniques that can be used during bait only service would be dust insecticides in cracks & crevices of treatment area, Tri-die liquid dust, gentrol pucks, & glue board for monitoring pest activity
  9. In cases where a heavy infestation is noticed a fogging can be recommended to leasing agent or on site manager following completion of baiting service. We can only fog units after the approval of leasing agent. Tenant will need to be given proper 24 hour notice & prepare unit for this service  
  10. For a multifamily unit “Apartment style” Walk into kitchen pull out any removable drawers, open cabinets and pull out appliances if not done by tenant. For townhome, condo or duplex units with basement we will also need to treat basement areas as well. Take pictures of any sanitation issues in unit. This would include pictures of sanitation issues and other areas prohibiting our treatment such as too much clutter. If not noticing any live cockroaches during initial walk through, you can use a flushing agent such as P.I. to draw out cockroaches inside cabinets and behind appliances. If noticing a heavy amount of cockroach activity, unit may need set up for a fogging treatment. If a heavy amount of roaches are noticed we need to make sure to inspect all surrounding areas of unit. Bedrooms, closets, picture frames on walls, furniture in unit such as bottom of couches, & tables. Any picture frames or un-treatable items need to be documented & removed by tenant. Documenting these items by taking pictures, reporting to leasing agent & putting pictures and information about removing items into work order system.
  11. Following completion at technicians discretion glue boards can be placed around treatment areas to monitor pest activity going forward. Leave door hanger on backside of front door, with name, time, and any service notes. Service notes would include specific treatment areas, and follow up going forward. Follow up instructions would be for tenant to report any cockroach activity that is noticed 10-14 days following service. Do NOT schedule any follow ups with tenant, or do not leave any specific follow up times on door hanger.  Make sure all lights are turned off in the unit and lock the door behind you
  12. Return keys to rental office, give the manager any notes from service. These notes need to include activity levels, sanitation issues, cockroach clean up, if any items need to be removed by tenant, any clutter that needs removed, & recommendation for follow up. If leasing office would like us to clean up dead cockroaches inform them we can do so with our HEPA Vacuum located at our EPM office for an extra service charge. If clean up needs scheduled make sure EPM office/General Manager is aware
  13. Return to truck, complete Pest Pac and work order system. Always placing any pictures taken & cockroach activity level noticed during service into work order system. If unit is not in work order system make sure to put all service information into Pest Pac order
  14. Press completed service on Pest Pac, head to next stop on schedule