Maintaining Our Unique Culture

COO Karen Carpenter shares her tips for maintaining a strong company culture, even through periods of rapid growth.

So Much More than Killing Bugs

When Eva learned that her friend Kayla, the daughter of EPM’s owners, got to ride along with a technician for a day, she asked to do the same. She shares her experience and what she learned.

Out in the Field with EPM

Kayla Carpenter, the daughter of EPM’s owners and a summer intern, experiences firsthand what pest management professionals do in the field.

Business Growth: It Takes a Village

Building and operating a successful business is challenging, to say the least. So, engaging outside experts who complement an owner’s skillsets is a must.

Grow Our People, Grow Our Business

EPM has experienced tremendous growth over the last twenty years. Our secret? A strong company culture and our people-focused business.

Leadership Lesson #1: Let Go

Environmental Pest Management founder and CEO Jason Carpenter reflects on EPM’s and his own evolution.

Why We Are a “Best” Place to Work

Why We Are a “Best” Place to Work By Karen Carpenter, COO Every business owner I know – even many I don’t – are finding the current hiring climate challenging, to put it mildly. Visit a store, walk down the block, or peruse a company’s social media channel, and you’ll find a plethora of “help […]

Who Cares? We Do!

COO Karen Carpenter shares our secret sauce for attracting and retaining our wonderful customers and amazing employees.

Marriage and Business: Finding Balance

Jason Carpenter shares what he and Karen Carpenter have learned over the years about striking a healthy balance at work and at home.

Superheroes Don’t Work Alone

Jason Carpenter discusses the importance of having certain individuals lead important functions in the business, and how he sets them up for success.