The EPM Way: Above and Beyond

The EPM Way: Above and Beyond

We are problem-solvers. Problem-solving is in our DNA and it’s what we love to do. And we especially love solving problems that others can’t – or won’t.

Here’s what one of our newest clients had to say about how our team went above and beyond to solve her bird problem.

Our office could not have been given more prompt or professional service. We had called several other agencies for help with the removal of birds in our office, but most told us it would be anywhere from two days up to a week. My son works in Property Management and I called him to ask if he had any suggestions, as we were desperate for help at this point. He recommended Environmental Pest Management because that is who they use and love.

 I called their office and explained my problem, and they said someone could be out by 2pm that same day. I was thrilled when Dylan arrived at 10:30am. Two hours later, Dylan had removed six baby birds and a nest, cleaned out the vent area, sprayed for bird mites, and capped all of the vents on our building. Needless to say, Dylan quickly became the hero of our office building.

 This all happened from a company that we had never used previously, and they were able to squeeze us in and Dylan even arrived early. He stayed two hours to ensure everything was handled before he left. This company provides superior customer service and quality workers who get the job completely done.


Best of all, the baby birds hopped around for several hours and soon were joined by the mother bird in the late afternoon. 🙂

What our new client didn’t say is that our technicians are specially trained and licensed to humanely trap and exclude wildlife. We will always do whatever possible to treat our human and non-human customers with great care, while adhering to all wildlife trapping laws.

To learn more about how we can go above and beyond for you, contact Blake Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.