The EPM Way: Seamless and Stress-Free

The EPM Way: Seamless and Stress-Free

Our unique operational processes, proprietary Work Order software, and ultra-high standards for delivering an exceptional customer experience come together to make the life of a Property Manager just a little bit easier.

We have worked hard over the years to make pest control as seamless and stress-free as possible for our residential and property management clients alike. So, we were especially pleased to receive this lovely note from one of our Property Managers:

“We had been using a different pest control vendor during my first couple of months on the job and residents weren’t happy. Many had told me that the prior company had simply sprayed their apartment with a consumer-based bug killer (a product name everyone knows). The vendor also frequently canceled at the last minute. On the administrative end, they sometimes double invoiced in a month and other times had to be chased down to get an invoice at all.

 Once we made the switch to EPM, all these problems went away. In fact, we are now even able to schedule all visits a year in advance. We had 2023’s schedule in hand before the end of December and all our residents now know when to expect service this year.

 One thing that stands out in my mind about working with EPM is how they go the extra mile and how that helps me in other aspects of my job. After every visit, whether for prevents or treatment, EPM provides a work order overview including what was done, issues encountered, and photos of units that are problematic. There is literally a line item with a description and notes for every single unit.

 Part of my job description involves doing multiple routine unit inspections every year. These pictures and descriptions help me identify, for example, housekeeping issues that need to be addressed. It’s like being in the units myself or at the very least having an extra pair of eyes to spot problems sooner.

EPM’s field staff is so helpful and responsive but Jason and Karen have been wonderful to work with, too. When a problem comes up unit needs more than a preventative treatment, Jason gets it scheduled without issue. Karen always sends the bill at the beginning of the month, which makes my life so much easier. I don’t have to chase down invoices or worry if we’re being over-billed.

 The entire company’s consistent and professional service and communication has been nothing short of a working pleasure. I wish all vendors were this great. Pest control is something I just don’t have to worry about anymore, and my residents absolutely love EPM, too.”

 We’re grateful for our relationship with our Property Managers, all of whom have helped us raise our game over the years. To learn more about our special programs for apartment and senior living properties, contact Karen Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.