Team Member Spotlight: Tim Moglianesi

Let Me Tell You About Tim

By Michael McKibben, General Manager

The first time you meet Tim, you notice his passion. Especially his passion for bugs. He loves learning about their very essence – where they come from, why they behave like they do, and of course, how to get rid of them. All that knowledge has made him really effective at doing his job.

Besides being a bug expert, Tim is also a great communicator. When he’s speaking with a property manager or resident, he works with them to make a treatment plan, sets very realistic expectations, and explains every detail of the process. And I know he’s going to get the job done correctly, every time.

Considering Tim’s vast knowledge of pests, and his great communication skills, it was a no-brainer to make him one of our Certified Pest Management Trainers. He’s great at explaining the “why” behind what we do. He takes his time and emphasizes the importantce of getting the job done right as well as listening to and empathizing with the homeowners and residents. With his exuberant personality, he pumps everybody up and really helps them up their game.

Tim is also a great planner and problem solver. When we made him the lead Pest Management Technician for one of our new and largest properties – with over 500 units – he came up with a really effective plan to identify and treat the worst 40 to 50 units, while enacting a different plan for those units that didn’t require the same approach. Consequently, he got infestations down throughout the property to single digits within very short order.

I love having Tim showing our newest Pest Management Technicians how to treat pests – and our customers – with that same combination of passion, communication and problem-solving. Having an army of Tim-trained Technicians out there will ensure EPM continues to serve our property managers and their residents with the highest of standards for years to come.

What EPM Means to Me

By Tim Moglianesi, Certified Technician & Trainer

Shortly after moving to Columbus, from my hometown in California, Karen reached out to me on Indeed to see if I’d be interested in coming to work here. Honestly, when I looked up EPM online, the company seemed too good to be true, so I was curious to see what they were all about. When I came in for the interview, everyone was just so genuine. I could tell people really enjoyed working here and I knew this job was going to be something different than I had ever experienced before.

Within the first few weeks of working here, I really started to learn what EPM is all about. I found that wanting to help people is a “thing.” Understanding is a “thing.” Logic is a “thing.” It was so personal. It didn’t feel like a job. It felt like I was adopted into a family. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me, especially being new to Ohio and so far away from my hometown.

When I worked in pest control in California, I learned early on that pest management isn’t as much about the bugs as it is about the people. When you’re dealing with someone who has a pest problem, you have to be able to take their perspective and be understanding. I felt like I could really excel at that at EPM. I was – and am – excited about being able to work closely with each customer and establish genuine relationships with them.

I got a chance to work in the office for a short while, and I had a front row seat to how hard everyone works behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly for us Technician and for our customers alike. It gave me a real perspective on what it means to deliver exceptional customer experiences. So when I’m out in the field, I try to live up to that every day. And as a Trainer, I’m sure to pass that on to everyone I work with.

I guess bugs are in my blood, so to speak, because outside of work, I enjoy learning as much as I can about them. I actually capture some of the most unusual ones, and preserve and display them in what would be their natural habitat. I don’t want to collect them as specimens as much as I want to honor them for the fascinating creatures they are.


As for my family, we’re very happy to live in a place that has actual seaons! We spend time in the outdoors as much as possible. We live by a creek with a nice little field behind our home, and I am happy to report that I constantly encounter a plehtora of insects that I’ve never seen before.