Team Member Spotlight: Tim Moglianesi

Pest management is as much about people as it is about bugs. Just ask our Certified Technician and Trainer, Tim Moglianesi

Team Member Spotlight: Emily McAleese

There are a lot of moving parts that have to be juggled so everything goes smoothly for our customers and technicians alike. Meet Residential and Commercial Services Manager – and Chief Juggler – Emily McAleese.

Team Member Spotlight: Shaun Fent

Let Me Tell You About Shaun By Michael McKibben, General Manager You could call him “Mr. Specialist” or “Mr. Everything.” EPM’s Certified Trainer, Shaun Fent, can address it whether it slithers, crawls, flies or runs. He specializes in a lot of services that the average person in the industry just would not be inclined to […]

Team Member Spotlight: Tiffany Aleksiejczyk

Property Management Manager, Tiffany Aleksiejczyk, really checks all the boxes for us and for our customers.

Team Member Spotlight: Darrin Dugger

Residential Specialist, Darrin Dugger, sets the standard for doing whatever it takes to get the job done – even if that means getting a little dirty in the process.

Team Member Spotlight: Shanna Davis

When working with property managers, it’s about a lot more than simply scheduling services. It’s about building relationships.

Team Member Spotlight: Mike England

When customers ask for you by name, you know you’re doing something right. And that’s why we have Mike training our newest pest management technicians.

Team Member Spotlight: Sarah Baughman

From proactively managing client relationships to swiftly resolving issues, Sarah is a master at creating those exceptional customer experiences.

Team Member Spotlight: Brandon Miller

Trust and communication are critical when our techs come into your home to treat a pest problem, which is why. Brandon has become a “fan favorite”.

Team Member Spotlight: Michael McKibben

Sometimes called the “Fire Captain”, and the glue that holds everything together, he handles dozens of calls a day and keeps our customer at the center of it all.