EPM Receives Award for Creative Marketing

We are in a competitive industry, so being able to differentiate ourselves is one key to our success. We recognize our professionalism, commitment to service and technology set us apart, but we haven’t always done a great job of conveying this to our primary audiences, which include multi-family property owners and managers.

To help communicate our differences more effectively, we partnered with a local marketing communications firm in 2018 and defined a messaging platform and lead generation strategy. This included research to generate the brand positioning and audience-specific messaging for multi-family property owners and managers. The messaging was used to generate the materials for a “Welcome Kit” that contained the following:

  • Comprehensive brochure detailing EPM’s benefits and service offering
  • Video brochure describing EPM’s proprietary online work order system
  • $50 gift card
  • USB wall charger for busy property managers to use as they are on the go

All of the materials were housed in a custom-designed box featuring EPM’s brand colors and messaging.

This creative, outside the box marketing tactic, ended up being an award-winning approach!

On May 16th, 2019 we were presented with a PRism Award for our Welcome Kit project in the “Creative Tactics” category by the Public Relations Society of America Central Ohio Chapter. It was inspiring to see so many impressive marketing communication campaigns and projects and we were honored to be among them.