Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Reisinger

Team Member Spotlight: Jamie Reisinger

By Karen Carpenter, COO

Sometimes you meet people who you instantaneously click with. Jamie is one of those people. We met for our interview at a Bob Evans, and I remember it so well because Jamie was just full of kindness and integrity. I knew he was the kind of professional we wanted on our team, and I also knew he would find his permanent work home here at EPM. So, I made an offer to him right then and there.

Sure enough, we recently celebrated Jamie’s fifth anniversary with EPM. Jason and I took him out to dinner where we spent the evening showing our appreciation for all that he’s done for us. He, in turn, showed us his appreciation by buying a new outfit just for the occasion. I think that’s just the sweetest gesture and it goes to show how much he values our relationship.

Jamie’s character can be seen through the kind of parent he is. Early on in his career with us, I sent his whole family to Cedar Point as a thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. A few weeks later, I received the loveliest letter (which included illustrations) from his kids thanking me for being such a generous boss to their dad. This letter was so special that I framed it. It sits here in my office as a daily reminder of the far-reaching impact EPM has on not only our employees, but on their family members as well.

Jamie is also one our trainers. I love that every employee we hire spends a week with Jamie as part of their initial onboarding. They’re together for at least 40 hours that week, and I know they spend a great deal of that time talking about what kind of company EPM is. I want everyone learning from someone like Jamie what our culture is all about.

What EPM Means to Me

By Jamie Reisinger, Certified Pest Management Trainer

I have been with EPM for five years now, and I’m one of the four trainers that teach all the new technicians how to do what we do. I’m usually the one who gets them on their first week, and it’s my job to show them the ins and outs.

I do mostly apartment work – on the property management side of our business. Apartments are where I shine. I enjoy people, and I really get to know our individual customers as I make my daily, weekly and monthly service calls. And I have developed a specialty in treating bedbugs, fleas and roaches. Those pests are harder to eradicate in places like apartment buildings, where units are so close together. One unit gets them and before you know it, the whole building is infested, so it’s important to keep the outbreaks from happening in the first place. I enjoy those challenges because it’s all the more rewarding when I get things under control. I’m not just treating pests; I’m solving problems when I’m doing that kind of work. I am making it so a little kid can go to sleep at night, or that someone can get up in the middle of the night without seeing roaches.

I can’t say enough about how well-run EPM is, and how well they take care of their employees. They gave me great starting pay and have always given me a pay raise every year. They even sneak in a bonus here and there. I’ve worked in other places where I was just a number, but not here. I feel respected and appreciated by my bosses, which is rare in this day and age – and especially in this industry.

I have three kids, so when I’m not working, most of my time is spent with them. I love to get out in nature, so we take trips to the great outdoors when I get time off. And I’ve been in a two-person band for the last 20 years. We play in Delaware and occasionally in Columbus, so next time you’re out and hear a couple of guys playing ‘90s alternative rock, look for me.