Team Member Spotlight: Mike England

Team Member Spotlight: Mike England

Let Me Tell You About Mike

By Karen Carpenter, COO

You just can’t work for Environmental Pest Management if you don’t genuinely care. Caring is one of the things we do best, and our certified pest management technician trainer, Mike England, is a shining example of what it means to care. He cares about how well he does his job. He cares about his colleagues and how well they do their jobs. And he cares about each of his customers, their homes, and their well-being. So, when we bring a new pest management technician on board, we make sure Mike is one of the first EPM employees they spend time with. Mike sets the bar high, so I love that he’s working with every new technician we add to our team. He teaches them the way he does this job…which is the EPM way.

Many of our property manager customers will request Mike, by name, to service their properties. And I understand why. He takes his time with each customer – whether that’s the property manager or a resident – to patiently answer their questions. In fact,  here is a review that a property manager recently wrote about Mike that sums it up better than I ever could:

“We are thrilled to have Mike England as our primary point of contact.

He always goes above and beyond, whether it’s the physical work or thoroughly explaining certain things. His patience with our countless questions is admirable.”

Mike’s caring demeanor isn’t only reserved for our customers. I also want to share a glimpse of just how caring he is when it comes to his coworkers. Last year, when my dog passed away he and his wife sent me a plant. I still have it on my desk. He attached a card letting me know that he understands how we can never keep our pets long enough. To have someone on our team who cares so much and who wants to lift others up when they need it truly means the world to me and to all those who get to work with him.

What EPM Means to Me

By Mike England, Certified Trainer

I’ve worked here for about four years. I am now one of the trainers for the company. In addition, I have quite a few different certifications. But I now consider my role as a trainer to be my area of specialty for EPM. Having the ability to get a new technician established in a matter of weeks so they can capably go out in the field is great. We have people start here from all walks of life. It’s exciting to see where they’re at when they start and then how they are able to grow their skills once they are fully trained. It’s about building confidence and letting them know they are fully equipped for that first day out on their own. And of course, if they do need help, I’m only a phone call away.

I also feel like I get as much as I give. I enjoy meeting all the new employees. When I am in the office, I know everybody because in one way, shape, or form, I’ve worked with them. Knowing that I have had an impact through training that translates into serving our customers is a neat feeling.

Part of what I practice and what I impart in my training is that we don’t just put Band-aids on situations for customers. We are here to be proactive on behalf of the client. It’s an extension of EPM’s customer-focused approach. We’re all working toward a common goal here. That’s one of the things that is great about EPM. Even though we are growing, the company goes out of its way to care for employees. There’s open communication and when “life happens,” there’s flexibility.

Outside of work I enjoy relaxing with my wife and daughter. We have a number of dogs so I enjoy spending time with them. The joke around my house is that my wife came with a dog! When we got married we merged our dog families. I also enjoy all types of music. It’s an interest I share with my daughter who is active in choir. So whether it’s pop, classic, country, rock, or the bark of a dog – it’s all music to my ears!