Team Member Spotlight: Shaun Fent

Let Me Tell You About Shaun

By Michael McKibben, General Manager

You could call him “Mr. Specialist” or “Mr. Everything.” EPM’s Certified Trainer, Shaun Fent, can address it whether it slithers, crawls, flies or runs. He specializes in a lot of services that the average person in the industry just would not be inclined to pursue. For example, he can address a snake problem. He can trap other unwanted animals of the four-legged variety. He’s also our heat remediation bed bug guy. He just literally can do it all.

Shaun’s thirst for knowledge is impressive. He’s always sending me articles that he takes the time to read on his own about different chemical treatments or scientific breakthroughs to help us understand how to stay on the cutting edge of products and tehniques available to help our customers. But make no mistake, Shaun likes to get his hands dirty too. He will always go that extra mile for customers to take as much time as is needed to figure out what their problem is and how to solve it. It’s kind of like detective work and being able to put an end to the mystery.

Shaun is also generous in sharing his knowledge. He’s great at training. He has so many specialities, so those who learn from him always appreciate it. He’s like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to tests, inspections and treatments. He’s obsessed with the “why” in terms of finding the cause of a client problem, but even more obsessed with the “how” when it comes to determining a solution.

Here’s an example of Shaun’s abiltity to arrive at the most effective solutions. We had a customer with a bat flying into her home. Shaun did an interior inspection, checked the inside of the chimney, did a full roof inspection, and found one small gap on the exterior of the roof at the chimney. Once the bat was removed we would need to seal up the gap where it was getting in. But a chimney was involved, so we couldn’t use just any sealant. It would get hot, and the type of materials we would use must be able to withstand extreme temperature changes without losing its gap-filling effectiveness. So Shaun did a bunch of research to make sure we used the right material to permanently fill that opening. But he didn’t stop there. Once he figured out the best material, he realized we would have to use rappelling gear to actually do the work! That is the level Shaun routinely goes to to make sure that the job is done right. He defintely embodies that exceptional service that EPM is so well-known for.

What EPM Means to Me

By Shaun Fent, Certified Trainer

At EPM I work as a field technician and certified trainer. I specialize in and take care of all the company’s bed bug heat treatments. I also deal a lot with wildlife or anything reptile related. I’ve been with the company for four years now. I appreciate how unique EPM is when it comes to the emphasis on always having that underlying empathy and compassion for the customer. It’s rewarding to be able to put the customer’s mind at ease. I feel like I do that on an everyday basis. Often it’s a matter of just educating the customer on the problem and the treatment.

I’m the only person at EPM who performs heat treatments to remediate bed bugs. It’s nothing for me to go out on a weekend to do that work. If the customer needs it and that is when they need to have it done, that’s when I do it. I’ve worked with elderly clients and some clients who have unique challenges and I am always happy to go above and beyond to accommodate them on their timetable.

One of the things I really enjoy about working at EPM is the camaraderie among the technicians. For example, I’m a military veteran so I appreciate that aspect of the job. This company is very veteran friendly. The sense of teamwork here reminds me of my days when I was on active duty. I feel like they truly care about all of their employees and that means the absolute world to me.

When I’m not on the job, I’m also a car guy. I’ve always got something going on with something automotive and I like fixing up whatever is broken. I’ve owned several different drag cars, track cars, sprint cars, stock cars – you name it. If it goes fast, has a steering wheel and four tires, I’ve probably worked on it!