The EPM Way: Helping Property Managers Help Residents

The EPM Way: Helping Property Managers Help Residents

Thanks to ongoing input and feedback from our property management clients, we’ve perfected a unique operating and service model that effectively addresses the unique pest problems faced by managers of multi-family residential properties. One such client, Scott Hunley, Vice President of Showe Management, recently reflected on our longstanding partnership. Here’s what he had to say:

Showe Management owns and manages a large number of apartment complexes across the U.S., with a large portion of our portfolio being in Ohio. When we – along with similar industries like hotel and single-family residential, particularly in Ohio – began experiencing significant bedbug infestations at our properties, we appreciated that EPM, whom we were already working with for usual maintenance, had specialized tools and expertise treating bedbugs.

 Of course, their pest management expertise goes beyond maintenance and beyond bedbugs. EPM’s close attention to the various procedures that ensure the safety of our residents while effectively eradicating any type of infestation, has made them a consummate pest control partner.

 Moreover, EPM’s customer service is second to none. Their field technicians build strong relationships with our property managers, and their level of professionalism can’t be beat. Jason and Karen are regularly available to make sure our companies are working well together, and they make sure that any small problems or concerns get resolved before they become big ones.

 Finally, EPM’s proprietary online work order system has been invaluable. It lets us know when an outbreak is occurring on any given property, so we’re able to address new infestations urgently before they impact an entire community. That we, thanks to EPM, are able to be so responsive to our residents’ needs ultimately keeps them happy and living on our property.

We’re grateful for our relationship with Scott, Showe Management, and their Ohio property managers, all of whom have helped us raise our game over the years. To learn more about our special programs for multi-family residential properties, contact Blake Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.