The EPM Way: Healthier Senior Living

We’re not exterminators. We’re problem-solvers. Our team works tirelessly to make sure our customers live healthy, happy, pest-free lives. So, we love hearing from our property management clients that we are accomplishing our mission. Here’s what Jason Decapio, Regional Vice President of Related Management Company, had to say about our work at Biltmore Towers in Dayton.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts at Biltmore Towers. As you are aware, Biltmore Towers has a long and unflattering reputation for being infested with bed bugs. The progress you and your team have made in a relatively short period of time is nothing short of incredible. Going from 76 active units in March to 9 today is a great accomplishment. What makes it even more incredible is the progress was made during the extensive historic renovation project, a time in which our turnover activity is triple what it is normally. Your efforts have helped keep our very aggressive construction schedule on-time. We are so grateful for our partnership with EPM. Keep up the excellent work, we truly appreciate it!

Biltmore Towers is a senior living apartment community and historic building in downtown Dayton. Rest assured, EPM’s team members, led by Tim Moglianesi and Tiffany Aleksiejczyk, have done – and will continue to do – an exceptional job making sure each Biltmore Towers resident gets to enjoy their home to the fullest.