Holiday Travel Plans? Follow these bed bug prevention tips.

Holiday Travel Plans? Don’t bring home bed bugs!

Bed bugs have become an epidemic here in Ohio. Unfortunately, Columbus is one of the worst cities for bed bug infestations. They can live anywhere that they have a food source – doctor’s offices, schools, movie theatres, houses, etc. and they like to travel! They can be transported in backpacks, suitcases, purses and they can even hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh if he isn’t careful!  Be mindful – make sure you aren’t making this already bed bug infested city even worse!

Traveling to see family for the holidays? Many of us are! Be cautious in hotels. Bed bugs are NOT caused by poor sanitation. They simply like to live wherever people are present. This means that even the most well-kept hotels are capable of unknowingly hosting bed bugs. Follow these easy steps once you check in to save you from bringing home these unwanted souvenirs:

  • Inspect the headboard and mattress. Dark spots are a sign of bed bugs.
  • Keep your luggage away from the bed – use a luggage rack (after you inspect the luggage rack) or keep your suitcase in your car if possible.
  • Upon your return – put your clothes through the washer and then dry on the highest setting that will not ruin the fabric. Heat kills bed bugs – washing alone and air-drying won’t help.
  • Inspect suitcases before storing them and make sure you store them in a place AWAY from your bedroom. A garage, basement or other areas where people generally aren’t hanging out in is best.

Follow these tips and you will be in good shape this holiday season! We wish you safe and happy travels! We hope that you arrive home with peace of mind, warm memories and gifts – not itchy bites, bed bugs, and a stressful future! Remember that we are here to help if you end up bringing these pests home. Click here if you think you suspect you have a bed bug issue.