Team Member Spotlight: Darrin Dugger

Let Me Tell You About Darrin

By Michael McKibben, General Manager

Since Darrin joined EPM nearly four years ago, he’s figured out a lot of different ways to get a wide variety of stains on our white company shirts – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a Residential Specialist, Darrin is always willing to get as dirty as humanly possible to conduct the most thorough pest inspection there is. As a Residential Specialist, going that extra mile is what Darrin is known for. He gets started early and stays as late as needed to make sure our residential customers – and their homes – are well taken care of.

Darrin is a great communicator, with his customers and with his colleagues.  He’s great at explaining to homeowners what’s going on in a way that’s both educational and empathetic. He is gifted at explaining what he needs to do and why, and then describing the pricing structure to address the problem.

His ability to communicate the value of our service to our customers is exceptional, but he doesn’t stop there. When he communicates back with the office to share the customer’s story, his notes are amazing. That documentation, down to the last detail, helps us streamline the process for the customer. Darrin and his great communication skills exemplify the compassion, understanding and education that embody EPM’s reputation for exceptional customer service.

Recently Darrin worked with a customer who was experiencing a variety of complex pest issues. Talk about persistence. He spent multiple hours on the job doing an incredibly thorough inspection, figuring out the best course of treatment and yet that same day getting the majority of the work done for the customer. He did it all in one day to bring that customer peace of mind.

When Darrin is at work, his customers are his number one priority. And when he isn’t at work, its his daughter who gets his full attention. We know how important family is, and we always do our best to work his schedule so that he can be there for her.

And last, but not least, as an armed services veteran, we think the skills and values he learned in the military is part of what makes him so dedicated to our company. We are extremely grateful for Darrin’s service to EPM’s customers and for his service to our country.

What EPM Means to Me

By Darrin Dugger, Residential Specialist

At EPM my job as a Residential Specialist is to show up for the customer – every time. Often customers will search the internet to self-diagnose their pest problem. That means that the problem they describe when they call for service is usually different than what it actually is. As a technician, you’ve got to have good eyes, stay on the ball and get a solution put together that the customer is happy with.

Recently, I worked with a customer who had originally gotten a quote from another pest control company. Fortunately they called EPM for a second opinion. When I went out to do the inspection, I was able to provide a quote that was thousands less than what the customer had gotten from the first company, along with a simpler solution that didn’t require a lot of inconveience for the customer. At EPM so much of our business comes from our online reviews. So next time somebody looks us up, they’ll see another good one there. For me, the bottom line is that it’s just good to be honest with people.

Ultimately, everything I do at EPM, is for my daughter. I’m a single dad and I appreciate how caring EPM is about that. They’ve always been able to work with me so I can take care of her.

Besides that, I am an Army vet. I deployed to Afghanistan. That life experience provided some of the inspiration for a book I wrote entitled The Moon Bleeds Red: Never Give Up. I’m working on a second book, but for now it’s on the back burner.