The EPM Way: Calm, Care and Comfort

When our phone rings, we understand what’s happening on the other end of that line. Somoene is in distress. No matter the pest – from roaches to termites to snakes – if you’ve got ‘em, you’re stressed out about it. Sure, it’s our job to take care of your pests. But it’s also our job to alleviate that stress you’re feeling as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

One of our newest residential customers reached out to let us know that our team did just that. Here’s what she had to say:

“I have bugs in my house and I am mortified!! When this all started a couple of months ago, I was in desperation and panic. I didn’t have time to sit and research. I was too busy being up all night killing and cleaning up bugs. So, I did a quick google search from my phone, chose a company that seemed well rated, and booked them. It was [one of your competitors]. It wasn’t a good experience and precious time was lost attacking our problem. Not to throw them under the bus completely. I think I was mostly out of their wheel-house and geographic region and they couldn’t just be honest and say I needed to find another company.

 After a week and a half of no shows from them, I took time to sit down and research a new company. I went out to NextDoor. [EPM was] recommended there amongst others, but I was drawn to you all. When I called, I knew immediately I was in the right place. A live person answered the phone and then passed me to Michael. He was SO helpful, kind, calming, reassuring, positive, confident – with a ‘can-do’ attitude and even had patience with me when I started crying on the phone!  (Ugh – so embarrassed!)  He told me about CMoore, how knowledgeable he was and that I would ‘love him’ and that he could be out the next morning! The NEXT MORNING! I had a HUGE sense of relief and got off the phone absolutely knowing I was with the right company.

 When we met CMoore, the feeling of relief and calm continued. He is sooooo calming, kind and confident, which is exactly what I needed. Its honestly a bit disconcerting to have a strange male walking through every nook & cranny of your house. But I don’t feel that concern with CMoore. He is so knowledgeable too! I feel confident in the work he did. He is thorough. He also takes the time to talk and answer questions – even though I probably have too many.

 Keep up all the great hiring, training, and management that you are doing!  I will be remaining a customer!”

A pest infestation is nothing to be motified about! It happens to all of us at some point in time. We’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to not only eliminate your pests, but to put your mind at ease while we’re doing it.