Team Member Spotlight: Shanna Davis

Team Member Spotlight: Shanna Davis

Let Me Tell You About Shanna

By Karen Carpenter, COO

When Shanna joined us a little more than two years ago, she was hired in as a Property Management Coordinator. In this role it was her job to make sure our numerous multi-unit properties received the right services at the right time. In retrospect, we should have called her our Property Relationship Coordinator, because that’s what Shanna really did. She went way beyond just organizing the numerous service calls for our multi-unit property customers; she developed deep and meaningful relationships with every property manager to make sure each got the information – and the services – they needed and expected. She came hardwired with a skill set of compassion and follow-through that was a perfect fit for EPM’s unique service-oriented culture. Her customers and co-workers alike immediately felt Shanna’s level of trustworthiness as she put everyone at ease with her steady and optimistic approach. As the months went on – and as she continued to grow and thrive – we realized Shanna was a born leader.

So late last year we promoted Shanna to one of our newly created management positions: Property Management Manager. Promoting her to a role where she could oversee others has allowed her leadership skills to blossom. It has been a win-win for both Shanna and EPM to have her showing her team of Coordinators what it means to build genuine relationships with our customers.

I’ve received incredible feedback from some of Shanna’s colleagues who are now her direct reports. Recently, I got a note from a member of her team who wanted to make sure I was aware of how Shanna continues to mentor others in the office, even with her added supervisory responsibilities. Shanna’s impeccable standards for building customer relationships along with her easy-going way of leading others has made her an invaluable member of our customer care team.


What EPM Means to Me

By Shanna Davis, Property Management Manager

I started at EPM in January of 2020. I was hired as a Property Management Coordinator and now I’m a Property Management Manager, with three PMCs on my team. About half of my job is to manage some of our accounts directly. The other half involves training. I train all the new Property Management Coordinators and I love sharing my knowledge with them and just helping them be better at what they do. All of us are always learning here, and that’s what I love about EPM. I like helping and teaching people, so I am really enjoying the role that I am in right now.

One of the things I make sure to share with my team is how important empathy, caring and compassion are in the work that we do. For example, some of our properties are home to significant populations of senior citizens. There have been times when we have been happy to go above and beyond to provide that extra level of service that some of those residents may need. Preparing for a unit to be treated sometimes requires that we use extra care in meeting the needs of residents who might have mobility issues or who require extra support. Sometimes we’ll even send one of our technicians out to help the resident feel more prepared for our visit. And we’re glad to do it.

The care we show to clients starts with the care the company shows to us as employees. The level of caring and appreciation shown to staff is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I know that I’m making a difference for EPM and for our customers, and that makes working here feel like more than just a job. I really value the one-on-one touchbase meetings that we have. It’s a chance to sit down and talk with your supervisor about how you’re feeling about your work and your ideas to make the company better. I am now conducting those types of one-on-ones with my own team because I know how beneficial they are.

Outside of work, I have four children that keep me very busy. I have two who are still at home, and two who are out on their own now. Just like I take nothing for granted at EPM, I am trying to live by that same philosophy at home. I’m doing my best to soak in every minute that I have with my kids, because you blink and in an instant, they’re all grown up and have left the nest.