The EPM Way: A Whole New Level of Service

The EPM Way: A Whole New Level of Service

As you may already know, our one-of-a-kind operating model, including our proprietary Work Order System, helps property managers do their jobs more effectively, while keeping their properties pest-free and their residents happy.

But what you may not know is that our unique service model, with a focus on making sure every resident at every property we serve gets the extra care and attention they deserve is something quite unique in our industry.

We recently chatted with one our Property Management clients, Here’s what he had to say about our relationship:

We’re headquartered in central Ohio with apartments and senior living communities throughout the Midwest. We’ve been working with EPM for about five years now and utilize their preventative and reactive pest control programs.

From the very beginning, when I first met Karen, I was blown away by the level of attention EPM is able to give to each of its customers. One of the things we value most about our relationship with EPM is that you’re dealing with an owner of the company. You just can’t get that level of care and attention from any other pest control vendor out there. It’s a company that’s small enough to develop a deep, trusting relationship with each customer while large enough to handle thousands of treatments across a wide geography year in and year out. And if that weren’t enough, you get all that at an affordable price.

There’s a person who works alongside Karen who manages our day-to-day relationship and she’s just outstanding. She is responsive and proactive; she’s attentive to every unique situation at every property; and if we need specialized reporting or something reviewed or redone, Sarah Baughman is right on top of it.

When something goes wrong – which is bound to happen when you’re servicing hundreds of units each month – Sarah goes the extra mile to make it right. Other vendors may try to suggest to us why it’s our fault that a service call didn’t come to fruition, or that something out of their control prevented them from meeting their obligations. EPM is quite different. They simply accept responsibility for whatever went wrong and then take extra measures to recover.

In addition to this exemplary attention to service, the professional appearance and demeanor of the technicians gives residents confidence that they’re being well taken care of and their needs and concerns are being addressed.

Consistency is really what you want from your vendors, and that’s what we get from EPM: consistently excellent performance. The standards that Karen and Jason and Sarah have set at EPM have raised my own expectations about what a vendor partner can and should be.

We’re grateful for our relationship with our Property Management clients, all of whom have helped us raise our game over the years. To learn more about our special programs for apartment and senior living properties, contact Karen Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.