Team Member Spotlight: Tiffany Aleksiejczyk

Let Me Tell You About Tiffany

We can confirm…thanks to our Property Management Manager, Tiffany Aleksiejczyk. What I mean by that is that Tiffany elevated our appointment confirmation procedures right out of the gate when she joined us a little over two years ago. She enhanced our system to make it much more apparent to the rest of us if we had a day where appointment bookings were overly abundant or a day where the schedule was on the lighter side. That heads up has allowed us to make adjustments that benefit everyone – especially our customers.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that has made Tiffany a perfect fit for handling some of our largest accounts. They love having her as their “go to” person for everything. We love it because we know they are getting the very best of EPM in Tiffany. It wasn’t long after Tiffany joined us that we promoted her to management. When we moved into our new office space, she had her own office for the first time ever in her professional career. I remember her reaction. It was a real milestone for her, one that prompted happy tears. That made me so proud. She has flourished here at EPM. We’ve given her so much responsibility and she continues to rise to the challenge. And as we see it, there is so much opportunity here for her.

Here’s a great testimonial that I can share regarding Tiffany. I recently got a message from a cusstomer she works with who said:

“Everything has been handled very professionally. Any issues are addressed ASAP. I enjoy working with Tiffany. She represents your company with pride and professionalism.”

At times when I have to be away from work, Tiffany is often the one who takes on parts of my role. I have complete confidence in her and it gives me such peace of mind to know that everything she does is done at the highest level. If I ask Tiffany to do something, I know it’ll get done – and done with excellence. Iin fact, I can confirm it!

What EPM Means to Me

I actually stumbled across EPM a few years ago when I was looking at pest control companies to address a skunk problem in our neighborhood! It was a week or so later when I was looking at job opportunities that I came across an opening at EPM. I realized the name sounded familiar from my skunk search, so I took a shot in the dark and applied. I started as a Property Management Coordinator and I’m now a Property Management Manager, responsible for some of our largest properties as well as a team of great people.

What I love about EPM, hands down, is my coworkers. I truly believe that you may love what you do, but you can still dread coming to work every day because of the people you work with. That’s not the case here. It’s so nice to have a team of co-workers you can bounce ideas off of, share happy wins with, and who just make each other better. They’re like my second family.

All that camaraderie ultimately benefits our customers. For example, I recently collaborated with Sarah, our Director of Customer Relations, to take a proactive approach with a property manager client. I had given the property manager a very specific timeframe for when our technician would arrive. The tech hit some unavoidable snags earlier in the day which meant he was not going to make it to this particular proprerty at the time I originally promised. I also knew this was going to be the second time this had happened at this property and I wanted to make sure the manager and her tenants knew that we understood how frustrating it is to wait for a technican that never arrives. We had made a promise were weren’t going to meet, inconveniencing our property manager and her tenants.

Although no one complained, I didn’t want it to get to that. So, with Sarah’s help, we proactively sent the property manager gift cards to supply to her tenants to let them know we were sorry about their inconvenience. And of course, we were sure to make that property our number one priority on the next day’s schedule.

Outside of work, family is very important to me. I am part of a beautiful blended family and now that the kiddos are a little older, we love to go on road trips, fishing and getting outside for a lof of walks. We are making lifelong memories and learning from each other every day.