EPM’s Work Order System: The Key to Pest Control

EPM’s Work Order System: The Key to Pest Control

Over the last 18 years, EPM has grown to be one Ohio’s largest pest control companies. Most of our growth is a result of our specialization in treating large, multi-unit residential properties. In fact, pest management of residential properties comprises around 80% of our work, which makes us uniquely familiar with the special challenges faced by residential and commercial property managers.

We are constantly perfecting our processes, training, and tools to ensure we deliver outstanding service experiences – and results – for property managers and residents alike. One of the specialized tools we’re particularly proud of is our proprietary Work Order System.

An Advantage in The Digital Age

Our Work Order System gives a property manager the ability to place work orders quickly and efficiently – for a single unit or for an entire property – right at their fingertips. And because all our technicians are equipped with mobile devices, our pest management professionals log, in real time, any and all issues found during treatment, while tracking all history of work performed at each given unit or property. The system eliminates the endless paper trails of work history and gets the property manager back to doing what they do best: managing the property and keeping residents happy.

Additionally, our Work Order System keeps a digital file of treatment history for every unit within the property, as well as for multiple properties, all in one place. Our pest management professionals upload photos of the unit at each visit, which allows the manager to view the condition of the residence over time and from treatment to treatment.

A favorite feature of the Work Order System is the 3-D model rendering of each building which enables the property managers to quickly identify and accurately communicate to our pest management professionals where work needs to be done. This powerful feature essentially eliminates confusing back-and-forth phone calls and mistaken unit visits.

Designed with a Property Management Workload in Mind

Because it’s our bread and butter, we have developed a deep understanding of the high demands on a property manager’s schedule. Time is precious, and a manager is constantly on the move, so we designed our Work Order System to “go” wherever the property manager goes. Wherever and whenever they are, the manager can log in, see the status of every work order, and schedule future preventative services right from any tablet or desktop computer.

And don’t just take our word for it; our property managers are as passionate about this technology as we are. Click here to see how our Work Order System has made life easier for our clients.

To learn more about the unique ways we work with our property managers and how we can become your trusted pest management partner contact Blake Carpenter at 614-771-8605 for an in-person or online demo.