Why Property Managers Love Us

Why Property Managers Love Us

It’s true. We have a special relationship with property managers. With over 80% of our clients being large, multi-unit residential and commercial properties, we have made it our business to not just be the pest management company that provides superior service, but to be a valuable partner to the property managers we serve. On any given day, we know that property managers have more than enough on their plate, so working with EPM should make everything else, besides pest control, easier. Here is what we do – and why property managers love us.

Unmatched client service

We get it. Property managers have a lot going on: keeping unit vacancies at a minimum, keeping tenants healthy and happy, and juggling the work of multiple service providers. So we make sure our client experience is second to none.

First and foremost, we are responsive. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person working in our office in Columbus, Ohio – someone who knows you and your property’s history, and who is empowered to solve your problem right then and there. And every property manager has a single point of contact, so you’ll know exactly who to talk to when you need something.

Next, our staff is structured in a way that enables us to provide same-day service if needed. That’s something very few service providers – whether in pest control or another industry – can do. Same-day service means that property managers get to field fewer calls and complaints from their residents, and ultimately make fewer follow up calls requesting service.

Special training and certifications

Our pest management professionals receive extensive training on the most up-to-date techniques for eradicating the myriad of pest problems your property will experience. And because our technicians don’t have a daily quota of jobs to complete, they can give your property the extra attention it needs to get the job done – and done right.

Additionally, EPM’s professionals receive special training in interpersonal communication, which ensures they work with you – and more importantly, your residents – effectively. They learn techniques for dealing with sensitive situations and for de-escalating conflicts. All this special training results in a pest control experience that’s as smooth and pleasant as possible for property managers and tenants alike.

We build relationships

We know it’s important for property managers to have a real, human relationship with their vendors. So it’s important to us to establish such a relationship with our property manager clients.

First, whenever possible, we assign the same pest management professionals to your property from service appointment to service appointment. This means that your dedicated technicians know the way you like to work, and they know their way around your property and its history. All this leads to a more efficient and effective pest management experience for everyone.

Next, we empower our pest management professionals to spend as much time on your property as necessary, to make the most of that service call. They take responsibility for eliminating your pests, which results in more satisfied occupants and fewer service calls.

Lastly, our proprietary Work Order System enables property managers to schedule and monitor service activity at the touch of a button, even while on the go. EPM’s Work Order System is a game-changer in our industry and property managers say it has revolutionized the way they work with their pest management provider.

Over the last 18 years, we have honed our business model, processes, and tools to integrate seamlessly with the way property managers work – and that’s why they tell us time and again that they can’t live without us.

To learn more about the unique ways we work with our property managers and how we can become your trusted pest management partner, contact Blake Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.