The EPM Way: Our Team is Your Team

The EPM Way: Our Team is Your Team

We are proud to be the preferred pest control vendor for the majority of multi-unit residential properties in Central Ohio. Because we’ve been at this for so long, we understand the unique challenges and full plate of responsibilities faced by property managers day in and day out.

That’s why we have developed proprietary technology, like our Work Order System, that gives real-time updates, as well as historical information, about the condition of each unit. And it’s why we have built a unique scheduling and training model that assigns each property one or more dedicated technicians – as well as a field manager – who get to know the way each property manager likes to operate. This technology along with this operational model ensures continuity in pest management – and prevention – month after month, year after year.

We recently chatted with one of our property managers at LINK Property Management. Here’s what they had to say about our partnership:

“Thank you for being amazing vendors. Your team has moved mountains for our property and I hope you know that. Adam and Ryan have been deeply involved in helping us educate our team members and our residents, recognizing problems, and creating solutions. I have always viewed your team as an extension of my own team. What other vendors do such things? They have personal commitment and accountability on a site that they, frankly, have no ownership in. They don’t HAVE to do what they do. It’s a testament to your leadership and company culture as well. It’s special to have this kind of working relationship and to have people who aren’t here on a daily basis care as much as we do.”

 To learn more about our proprietary technology and unique service model for multi-unit residential properties, contact Karen Carpenter at (614) 771-8605.