The EPM Way: A Whole New Level of Service

As you may already know, our one-of-a-kind operating model, including our proprietary Work Order System, helps property managers do their jobs more effectively, while keeping their properties pest-free and their residents happy. But what you may not know is that our unique service model, with a focus on making sure every resident at every property […]

The EPM Way: Helping Property Managers Help Residents

Thanks to ongoing input and feedback from our property management clients, we’ve perfected a unique operating and service model that effectively addresses the unique pest problems faced by managers of multi-family residential properties. One such client, Scott Hunley, Vice President of Showe Management, recently reflected on our longstanding partnership. Here’s what he had to say: […]

The EPM Way: One Property Manager’s Experience

Because much of our work is done in association with property and community managers – sometimes of exceptionally large properties – we have seen firsthand the incredible workload these individuals must take on each day. With residents constantly moving in and out, and where units are in close proximity to one another, keeping pests at […]

Why Property Managers Love Us

It’s true. We have a special relationship with property managers. With over 80% of our clients being large, multi-unit residential and commercial properties, we have made it our business to not just be the pest management company that provides superior service, but to be a valuable partner to the property managers we serve. On any […]

EPM’s Work Order System: The Key to Pest Control

Over the last 18 years, EPM has grown to be one Ohio’s largest pest control companies. Most of our growth is a result of our specialization in treating large, multi-unit residential properties. In fact, pest management of residential properties comprises around 80% of our work, which makes us uniquely familiar with the special challenges faced […]